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Looking for inspiration and motivation to make a living as an artist? I have a blog full of tips and tricks and many extras that help creatives on the ways to a career they love. I offer advice and insights that I gather on my own journey.
In my journeys, I found so many interesting things that I wished I had known before. I knew that like me there are many people out there with the same dreams. So I started to share my passions, insights, reviews and everything else that would be great for Creative entrepreneurs.
Now I blog regularly to a growing audience while making my passions come true!

If you are interested in working with me make sure to contact me.

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Digital Illustration

Custom digital illustration for any situation.

Drawings & Paintings

Original, traditional custom work. I offer a variation of commissions.


As a blogger I can offer an audience to promote to if you have a product that you think will fit the general theme.

About me

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Sofie van Nierop

Creative Entrepreneur

I am Sofie van Nierop, an artist, blogger, entrepreneur and dreamer from the Netherlands. I love cats, coffee and books! I have been making art for a long time before I decided that I wanted to make a living from it. My specialities are illustrations and character/creature design with a special love for fantasy and nature. Everything I share with you, are things I found myself on my journey there.

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